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Vladimír Hiadlovský assumed the position of SRC President on August 22, 2023. He considers as his duty to advocate the demands of universities in society. Closer cooperation with representatives of students, academic senates, employees and employers will be part of all SRC activities. Priorities must be set on modern higher education infrastructure and attractive higher education, studentsˇ interests and support of faculty and staff.

Vladimír Hiadlovský says: "We are in a challenging period, as universities continue to implement demanding reforms resulting from the Act on Quality Assurance in Higher Education, the last major amendment to the Higher Education Act, the milestones of the Recovery and Resilience Plan, as well as several government visions and strategies. A new long-term plan in educational, research, development, artistic and other creative activities for the area of ​​higher education institutions is in the approval process. My duty is to defend the interest of the academic milieu. Our priorities must be set on modern university infrastructure and attractive higher education, interest in students and support of our employees. We have to convince society that we have quality universities in Slovakia with high quality teams and individuals. The result of our activities must also be the strengthening of the reputation of our universities at home and abroad."

SRC has been pointing out for a long time that universities are key for the economic growth of Slovakia, as well as for the improvement of the social climate. Long-term underfunding of higher education infrastructure, education, science, research, art and other creative activities has a negative impact on Slovakia's competitiveness. There is no area of ​​economic life in which universities do not play a significant role through research and development. Universities educate a qualified workforce capable of critical and independent thinking and promote individual´s social mobility. Higher education serves public and private interests. States that invest in education in the long term are more prosperous, richer and more vital.

"Reducing public spending on higher education is a short-term solution for the current budget year. Although the state achieves this goal and often returns to it repeatedly, the negative consequences for citizens are long-term. According to a 2010 OECD study, the net return on public investment in tertiary education was almost triple. Investments in higher education thus bring a high return to the state treasury from a long-term perspective. Funding higher education from public sources is therefore beneficial even at the cost of increasing the state budget deficit," adds Vladimír Hiadlovský.

Vladimír Hiadlovský has been a member of the SRC since 2014, when he was appointed by the President of the Slovak Republic as rector of Matej Bel University in Banská Bystrica. Previously, he held the position of dean of the UMB Faculty of Economics. He is an economist and university teacher whose research focuses on corporate financing, financial analysis of businesses and financial planning.


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