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On August 30, 2021, a press conference was held in Bratislava in the presence of the State Secretary of the Ministry of Education Ľudovít Paulis, President of the Slovak Rectors' Conference Rudolf Kropil, Chief Hygienist of the SR Ján Mikas, member of the Epidemiological Council Vladimír Krčméry, Chairman of the University Council Martin Putal, Chairman of the Student Council Filip Šuran and Biont CEO Jozef Šuvada. The press conference discussed what the new academic year will look like.

"The effort of the Slovak Rectors' Conference is to preserve teaching in person as long as possible," stressed SRC President Rudolf Kropil in his speech. He added that although distance learning method is adequate to full-time one, students' personal contacts with teachers are irreplaceable.

The teaching method will also depend on the colors of the districts according to the Covid alert system.

State Secretary of the Ministry of Education Ľudovít Paulis stated at the press conference that it will be a matter of individual universities, how they will organize and when they will open the academic year 2021/2022. The individual competence also applies to the teaching method, which can be full-time, hybrid or distance. According to him, the situation will also depend on the colors of the Covid traffic light.

According to government-approved Covid alert system, there will be no restrictions in the green districts, except for ROR rule (wearing masks, keeping a distance and disinfecting hands). In the orange districts, up to 100 people can be taught in a room without restrictions. In the OTP protocol (vaccinated, tested, cured from Covid-19) up to 400 people. If the district turns red (1st level of threat), full-time teaching without restrictions can take place for 20 people in the room.

As universities are autonomous subjects, they can modify the conditions in cooperation with the regional public health authorities, but the ruses of Covid alert system must be obeyed.


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