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Scholars at a Risk, together with other European partners, issued an urgent appeal few days ago to support measures to provide assistance to academics at risk, with a special focus on Afghan scientists, students and activists. The appela is addressed to the European institutions and national governments. Read the updated version of 2 September 2021 in the English or French language:

Other academic associations and universities have joined the appeal, between them are Europeam university association (EUA), The GuildCoimbra Group, or ALLEA (All European Academies). 

The signatories call, inter alia, for international protection to academics and civil society actors who need it and for the creation of expedited complementary legal channels for candidates who have a host institution, a job or a sponsor. They call for the establishment of an EU scholarship program for academics at risk, including colleagues from Afghanistan, in order to complete their scholarships, researcher positions or temporary academic positions at European universities.
In case of interest, Slovak and foreign academic institutions and organizations can join the call. Universities, which can offer job positions or can accept students, must contact the main coordinator directly. Further instructions on the activity are published on the Scholars at a Risk website (link). The urgent call was also supported by the President of the Slovak Rectors' Conference.
Photo: Scholars at a Risk

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