The Voice of Universities

Vienna, 13 December 2018. Universities Austria (UNIKO) initiated joint workshop entitled "Universities for Enlightment". Presidents and representatives from national rectors´ conferences from Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Czech republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Croatia and Serbia were present at the workshop. Slovak Rectors´ Conference (SRK) was represented by its president Professor Marek Šmid and secretary general Mgr. Mária Čikešová. 

Participants discussed the issues of academic rights, scope and the keep of institutional authonomy and its safeguard by national legislation, also the issues of funding and public responsibity of universities and their role in present societies. Inter alia the possiblity of cooperation was discussed - e. g. in the upcoming Euroelections, platofrm´s presentation and its opennes to other national rectors´ conferences, mutual support and monitoring of current state.

At the end present presidents and deputies signed Vienna declaration and participated at the press conference. In next two years UNIKO will coordinate the platform Universities for Enlightment.


Author: Mária Čikešová

Photo: Jacqueline Godany, UNIKO



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