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Slovak rectors´ conference Presidium, several Rectors and Vice-rectors of Slovak universities and schools of higher education participated in events organised by the Hungarian rectors´ conference in Budapest from 16 to 18 May 2018. V4 rectors´ conference forum was primarily dedicated to academic cooperation and  increase of success rate in European program for research and innovations. The event was part of the Hungarian Presidency calendar in Visegrad Group. 

The Jubilee symposium took place on 18 May 2018, it was also organised by the Hungarian rectors´ conference on the occasion of its 30 anniversary. Participants from Poland, Czech republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia and Hungary were present at the event. During the symposium President of the Slovak rectors´ conference Professor Rudolf Kropil - Rector of the Technical university in Zvolen, introduced new initiatives in the Slovak higher education system. SRC Vice-president  Professor Marek Šmid represented SRC in the final Rectors´ roundtable discussion on the future of the higher education systems in the Central Europe focusing on ERC. Other Slovak representatives presented during the two events. Professor Robert Redhammer from the Slovak university of technology in Bratislava actively participated in the panel discussions on V4 countries participation in the FP9 focusing on the "Distributed Excellence" concept and its relation to the European universities initiative and in the panel on latest achievements in research, development and innovations. Professor Stanislav Kmeť from the Technical university in Košice hold a presentation "Bases and measures for successful university cooperation in V4 countries regions with similar profiles in the FP9". Professor Marek Šmid, SRC Vice-president and Rector of the Trnava university presented on university administration and bodies - current status and main features of actual legislative development in Slovakia. Professor Juraj Stern from Paneuropean university participated at the discussion on the role, relevance and responsibilities of private schools of higher education in V4 countries. Associated professor Jana Peliová - Vice-rector of the University of Economics in Bratislava, moderated panel about V4 business schools´ cooperation opportunities in the 21st century. 

At the end of the Jubilee symposium a joint position was accepted by the participants, which stressed the principal academic values as academic freedom and academic integrity, institutional autonomy and participation of students and staff in university governance. It welcomed the proposal to increase research and innovations budget in the future Multiannual Financial Framework 2021 - 2027. At the end participants expressed interest in intensifying regional academic cooperation.

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Author: Mária Čikešová

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